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{{subdivision |
#REDIRECT [[Lakhesia]]
image_flag = thanatos.png |
subdivision = County of Lakhesia |
status = County |
capital = [[Mortis Mercatoria]] |
title = Count |
largecity = [[Mortis Mercatoria]], [[Nee]], [[Port Solecism]], [[Thanatos]] |
government = Feudal |
leader = [[Malliki Tosha]] |
language = Official: [[Praeta Sxirothes]] <br>
Unofficial: [[Lakhesian]], [[Passikaans]], [[Yardistani]] |
religion = Official: [[Cedrism]] <br>
Unofficial: [[Motuism]]
The County of Lakhesia (English pronounciation: [lə'kiːziə]) is the largest and most populous county in the Barony of Greater Lakhesis. With its 35 million inhabitants, large oilfields and fertile soil, it is the powerhouse of western Brookshire. The northwestern part of the county is home to the capital of Greater Lakhesis as well as the county, Mortis Mercatoria, while the southwest is dominated by the metropolitan city of Nee.

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