Kaiseress Rei I

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House of Miłarna

Rei I

Progenitor: Unknown

Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra (Classical Āirumāli: / ɑ˥θɑ.mɛ˥ is.sɛ˩.lɑ mɑ.ɾi βɑ˥.ɑ˩s.tɾɑ /), now known as Rei Miłárna (or Milharna; / mi.ɬɑ˥ɾ.nɑ ɾɛ.i /) and reigning as Kaiserin Rei I, is a Firneramnese, Shirerithian, and Natopian noblewoman and royal. Born in 1529 in Aňira, Firneramnen, she has had a long political presence on Micras, often preferring to live on Micras than on her homeworld. Erstwhile Senatrix of Elwynn for many years (Elw name Реи Миԯарна, Rei Millarna / ʁəi mi.ɬaʁ.na /. Titled Lady of Kin'uyama (Cibolan Saxon: Frau von Kinojarme, Japanese (Walstadt): 金烏山姫 Kin'uyama no Hime) in Natopia and Princess of Shireroth in Shireroth. Kaiserin of Shireroth 1577–1579, Queen of Firneramnen (and ex officio Safir Empress) 1575—1579. Became ruler of Shireroth after a short power struggle after the abdication of Kaiser Cedris I, in lieu of Andreas the Wise, who had obligations in other nations, and therefore was disallowed from receiving the succession. Presently Steward of the Elian Union in Natopia.

Renounced Shirerithian citizenship in the Safirian Exodus of 1663.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees made by this Kaiser: 491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498, 499, and 500

Preceded by:
Steward Carl I
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Reynardine II
Preceded by:
Lina VI
Queen of Firneramnen
Safir Empress

Succeeded by:
Āmāne VIII