Kaiser John II

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Line of Metzler

Brrapa I - Erik I - Brrapa II
Brrapa III - Santiago I - Brrapa IV
Santiago II - John I - John II

Progenitor: Brappa I

Suspected of being overthrown by his successor, Kaiser Erik II, in the revolution that saw the creation of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth out of the debris of the old order.

Accused of creating a portal to Balgurd to summon for daemonic forces to buttress his crumbling empire, the last eight years of his reign were in fact dominated by the sprawling Audentite Empire. It was this foreign influence, as much as consorting with daemons, which resulted in the revolt of the Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler.

3rd Era stained-glass window panel depicting a Kaiser consorting with demons. It is believed that the Kaiser depicted may have been intended to represent either Kaiser John II or his immediate predecessor John I.
Preceded by:
John I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Erik II