Kaiser Erik II

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Line of Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler

Erik II - Brrapa V - Trantor III
Gaelen I - Brrapa VI - Metzler I

Progenitor: Erik II

(First Kaiser of the Third Era)

After Erik of Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler forced closed the Gate of Balgurd and prevented the Kaiser from commanding reinforcements to emerge from within, Kaiser John II was cast into the streets for the once-fearful denizens of the city to make of him what they wished. Taking the Kaiser's crown and the Sword of Vengeance for himself, he led an army into Goldshire, when news came that the Followers of Rrakanychan had consolidated a force of mortal men and daemons, led by the notorious Demon Fish of Balgurd.

With the beginning of the Third Era and the formation of what would become the Imperial Republic, the Kaisership rotated more regularly between the noble families with a link to the Imperial Bloodline. At the same time the Anno Norton (AN) and ASC calendars diverged with AN becoming the 'long count' year while the ASC served as the 'short count' increment of the long count year, whilst still being considered a year in its own right. It became a source of bewilderment and tragically premature Temporal Haemorrhaging amongst generations of hapless historians in the centuries that followed.

Preceded by:
John II
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Brrapa V