In the Woods

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The breeze is sweet today, cool and gentle. Sun on my face, oh I love it so. The warmth, all I feel, and the breeze. The cool earth beneath my back. To see again would be divine, to see the sunlight, that warms my face. I should thank Rej for bringing me here, when he returns. Funerals, so depressing. Let Rej deal with that, it was more his friend then mine anyways. So sad.

I wish I had a bit of food, only brought my canteen. Should have listened to Rej. Next time. He'll be back soon. How long now? The sun is still warm. Feels high in the sky. Soon. Maybe.

The stream, so cool, nearby. Wouldn't want to fall in. That would certainly make Rej unhappy. So kind of him to take me here. Discomfort. Stupid stick, stuck me in the arm. Sting. Broke skin slightly. Rej will clean it. I trust him to. When he returns. Such a kind man.

Sound. Just a bird taking off, was enjoying his song so. Come back little bird. Amused. Little birdy. Pretty birdy. Girl. So long ago. Happy. Regret. Sorrow. Joy. Gone. More sorrow. To be young, I feel so old. To see her again. To see again. So old. So tired.

Not as tired though. Fought like hell. Gave them hell. Pain. Death. Remorse. Revenge. Fought like hell. Screams. Fought like hell. Made them pay. Fought for honor. Duty. Home. She wasn't there when I got back. She left. I was alone. I was gone for to long, and she didn't wait for me. Love. Hatred. Sorrow.

I wish Rej would get back, I want to go home. He'll be back soon. Any minute now. He'll make me laugh. Make me smile. Such a kind man. So good to me.

Sound. Bird. No, to large. No large game here. Rej! No. Someone else!
"Who's there!? What do you want? Who are you? What are you doing on my land? Speak!" Fear.
"Calm yourself old man. I am a friend. I will not harm you." Soft. Kind voice. Trust? "I am here to help you. I have come to offer my services." Curiosity.
"Help? How? Who are you?" Confused. Arm stinging from that damn stick. Breeze is cool.
"I have an offer to make to you. An offer I believe you will find most tempting." Trust?
"What kind of offer?" Curious. Where is Rej?
"I have come to restore your vision. To restore your eyes. To put it plainly." Incredulous.
"Impossible. Madman, trouble me no more. Begone." Irritated. Mocking me. Anger.
"Not impossible. Let me demonstrate. Your arm is injured. I shall mend it. " He's touching me! Pull away. He has my arm! He's touching me!. Warmth...It stings no more. Healed!
"I have healed this minor wound on your arm. I can restore your sight, if you accept my offer. And after that, I can give you so much more." A deal? What does he want? Hope!
"What is it you want? What are you? Who are you?" A god? A Transcendi? Hope! Honor!
"I ask only for your reverence. And..." A catch. Suspicion.
"And what?" Fear. Uneasy. Hairs on neck standing up. Where is Rej!!!
"...And your soul once you are dead. It is the cost for what I offer. " A Demon! Not a God! Fear! Anger! Wrath!
"I rather die!" Righteousness! Where is Rej?
"That can be arranged..." Pain.

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