In the Apple Orchards

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By Erik Mortis
The Count of Monty Crisco strolled leisurely through one of the many apply orchards of his county. Breathing in, he could smell the scent of apply blossoms fill his nostril. Blossoms that one day would be apples, and apples that one day would be cider served in his hall. The spring was coming in and the blossoms were beginning to fall, covering the earth in white and pink.

Grethal Mercator by birth, now a Count with the death of his father. Grethal sometimes pondered what it would have been like to be Kaiser, as his grandfather was. But today was not one of those days. Today was just a day to enjoy walking through the apply orchards he loved so much. Grethal brushed peddles out of his hair, and looked at the snow like appearance of the ground beneath him. Within the month, the many flowers, who's seeds were traditionally scattered at the beginning of the season, would be blooming. Deep purples, yellow/orange and blues, to compliment the green and reds of the apples.

The Count found a particularly large tree and decided to sit at its base. As he enjoyed the sights and smell, and sounds of the orchard, Grethal slowly drifted into a light sleep. The mid-afternoon sun softly playing on his face, as it filtered through the trees.

Grethal Mercator awoke suddenly to find an officer of his court standing over him, bending down to wake the count. The young man started as his noble awoke before he himself was able to rouse him.

Slightly groggy, and calm: "Fenthric, why have you come to awaken me? Please speak quickly, and softly so I may return to my napping."

Hesitantly: "M'lord Count, my apologies, I have been sent to find you by your war-master. I am bid tell you that an urgent matter of the utmost importance has arisen, and that you must be informed immediately. I am asked to escort you back to the manor for consultation on the matter. "

Calmly: "And of course they send you to desturb my relaxations so that I would vent any frustration on you and not them." The officer looked uncomfortable. "Fear not, you have done your duty, and should be commended for such. I shall mark your words and return to the manor. The job of a Count is never done, aye lad?"

Considering how little time he got to himself as a Count, Grethal wondered how any one could stand being Kaiser of a whole empire. No, he envied Hasan not.

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