Imperial Decree 61

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Imperial Decree #61: Krantzler of Shireroth

Issued by Kaiseress Aure I

This Decree Has Since Been Revoked

A new position, that of the Kantzler (Prime Minister) of Shireroth, shall be created. The duties of the Kantzel will be to monitor the functionality of the ministries and preside over the Landsraad.

The Kantzler of Shireroth shall monitor the functionality of the ministries. He/She should be up to date with everything that is going on in each ministry. Should any minister resign or stay away for unexplained reasons, the Kantzler of Shireroth shall take up the role of said minister until the Kaiser or the Landsraad appoint a new one.

The Kantzler of Shireroth shall preside over the Landsraad as chairman. His/Her purpose shall be to call a meeting of the Landsraad to order, tally votes, close vote, and generally manage and keep order within the Landsraad as well as keep records of all bills and resolutions passed during his/her tenure.

In times when the Kaiser’s successor is below twelve years of age or the Kaiser has passed away without naming a heir, the Kantzler shall fulfill the duties of Kaiser until a suitable heir is found, or the existent one reaches the suitable age. Should the current Kaiser of Shireroth take a temporary leave, the Kantzler shall fulfill the Kaiser’s duty until the Kaiser marks his return.

Only the Kaiser of Shireroth may appoint and/or dismiss a Kantzler.

This position makes the positions of Paetor and Steward null/void.

I hereby name Ari Rahikkala the new Kantzler of Shireroth.

This is my will,

And my will is Law.