Imperial Decree 499

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REI THE FIRST, by the grace of the Gods Kaiserin of Shireroth, Defender of the Faiths, Empress of Atoskherakh, Queen of Safiria, Kono Mai, Jundhen, and Mirezandack, President of Cwentach, Issim, Reicou, and Tsunawa, Duke of Anhira and Qalani, Marchioness of Safiria Minor, Baroness Avqemat, and of the Church of Safiria in Daia Supreme Head to all and singular GREETING.

BE IT KNOWN that Greg Russell is retired as Prime Kampiœn in favour of Andreas the Wise. Greg Russell shall in lieu be granted the rank of Kampiœn Guardinal.

BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that Steve Jobs is created a member of the Order of the Chimæra for his services to the field of computing.

Done at Raynor's Keep in the City and County of Shirekeep, this 24th of Qarbinionsmoon, 4402.