Imperial Decree 454

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Posted by Kaiser Mors VI, Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:36 pm

Imperial Decree #454: House Kildare.

Due to no anger and displeasure on my part, but due to request by an interested party, I hereby change the titles granted to House Kildare from Duke to that of Baron. This will thus reduce them to Minor House Status, and lose their vote in the Landsraad, as per procedures there in.

I will not be granting the title to any other house at this time as I don't feel that the other two remaining houses (Annexis and Mortis) are large enough, nor active enough to warrant such a title. I do hope this will change in the future.

I realize this will reduce the number of voting Dukes to 2, and thus ties are both likely and certain. Luckily I believe we still have procedures in place to deal with such events.

I point out that this decision is not originated from myself, nor am I displeased or angry with House Kildare. If in the future, likely under another Kaiser's rule, House Kildare can expand their influence and prove themselves worthy of the title, I would love to see them reascend as a House Major.

By my reluctant hand,
Kaiser Mors VI.