Imperial Decree 368

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To all dear Shirerithians, may love and happiness forever be in your lives!

I have thought about our system of rewards and honors. We have the lovely bounty system, managed by the MiniTrade and aimed at rewarding specific deeds and niftiness in certain areas. We also have noble and other titles, also aimed at rewarding productive citizens. However, the coffers of the government are not limitless and we cannot make titles for everyone.

Therefore, I hereby present the new honors system for the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. It consists of two parts, orders and awards. Many of them are old, some are new and some are changed.

A. Orders Order of Kampioens This order will stay the same as it is now, with the only exception being that a Prime Kampioen will be appointed, just as the law says.

Order of the Mango This order is new, and will be the highest civilian order in Shireroth. It will only be awarded to long-time citizens that have an excellent performance record in their service to Shireroth. To reflect this, there will be a cap on the number of members the order can have at any one time. The order also confers knighthood.

Order of the Dragon This order will still be awarded to citizens "who have been exemplary citizens or done some great act worthy of high praise". The change is that the order will be tiered, with three classes: Member, Companion and Knight, with only the last one conferring knighthood.

Order of the Griffin This order will stay the same.

B. Awards Celestis Award Gold Sword Silver Sword Bronze Sword Red Dragon Award Chimera Award The same as the Order of the Chimera, but an award instead of an order. Phoenix Award The same as the Order of the Phoenix, but an award instead of an order.

Hopefully this will make the awards system more coherent and usable. Now, you might think, why isn't she amending the DecreeBook? The OUTRAGE! IMPLIED REPEAL!!

Don't worry, here are the amendments to the DecreeBook:

C. 1. DB Chapter V, B, amend the following after 5. c.:

6. Chimera Award
a. The Chimera Award is given to a person who is not and never has been a citizen of any micronation, but is nevertheless deserving of praise.
b. It may be given either to people who have helped Shireroth despite not being part of it or to macronational politicians and celebrities of whose work Shireroth strongly approves.

7. Phoenix Award
a. The Phoenix Award is given to a person who was once part of micronationalism but has gone on to other things, and has nothing whatsoever to do with Harry Potter.
b. It may be given either to former Shirerithians or to former foreigners, and may be a present from the Kaiser to a citizen who emigrates after a distinguished career.

2. Move D. Order of Kampioens to C. and C. Order of the Griffin to F.

3. Amend new D. Order of the Mango, with the following content:

D. Order of the Mango
1. Definition
a. The Order of the Mango is the highest civilian order and honor awarded in Shireroth.
b. The Order honors long-time citizens of Shireroth that have an excellent performance record in their service to Shireroth.
c. The Kaiser is the head of the Order, and the Order may only have five members at any one time, the Kaiser excepted.
d. Those inducted into this order may be called a Knight of the Mango.

4. Amend the following to E. Order of the Dragon:
c. The Order is divided into three classes, from highest to lowest: Knight, Companion and Member. All new members are inducted into the lowest class, although there can be exceptional cases.
d. Only members of the highest class may be called a Knight of the Dragon.

5. Remove the current F. Order of the Chimera and G. Order of the Phoenix.

I also encourage the Landsraad to consider adding a few more awards to the LawBook for various achievements in different areas.

And now we come to the second part of this lengthy decree, the Honors section.

D. The status of Imperial Decree #286 (Redoubt Campaign Medal) is somewhat in question. Is it repealed or not? I cannot find a decree to that effect (although I haven't searched my eyes out), so to be on the safe side, I hereby repeal Imperial Decree #286 regarding the Redoubt Campaign Medal in its entirety. All recipients may keep their medals unofficially though. As a compensation and more fitting award for those recipients, I hereby award the Gold Sword to the following citizens:

  • Jacobus Loki
  • The Khan of Vijayanagara
  • Erik Mortis Brookshire
  • Andreas The Wise
  • Scott of Hyperborea
  • Jess
  • Hypatias Mom
  • Bacchus
  • Jonas
  • Prodigy Almighty

E. Now, on to the Order of the Mango. The rules regarding this order are strict and for a good reason. A person will have to be a long serving citizens of high standing and command a great deal of respect. With that in mind, and as a first induction into this new, prestigeous order, I hereby induct Erik Mortis Brookshire into the Order of the Mango. He may now call himself a Knight of the Mango. Further inductions may be forthcoming after discussions in the Imperial Advisory Council.

F. The Order of the Dragon does have a lot of members currently. The question is, which class should they now belong to? Here is the answer:

Knights of the Dragon

  • Erik Mortis Brookshire
  • Scott of Hyperborea

Companions of the Order of the Dragon

  • Shyriath
  • Andreas the Wise

Members of the Order of the Dragon

Hesam Jayatar Lady Carol of Lumina's Light Jonas of Kildare Maksym Hadjimehmetov Oroigawa Koreyasu Mike Fors Richard Lyon Renee Reavis James Raine Mike Kelly Count Greg Dean of Florencia

G. Now, finally, the question of former Steward Leo Dine. For his exceptional service to Shireroth in a difficult situation, and for unwaivering support of the Kaiser, I hereby award Leo Dine the Red Dragon Award.

Oh, sorry, not quite done yet. I also name Greg Russell Prime Kampioen and I also repeal Imperial Decree #215.

Signed this Somnisday, the Twelfth of Krondokin, 3576 ASC.

Love and Happiness,

Kaiseress Anandja I
Baroness of Lakhesis