Imperial Decree 338

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Imperial Decree 338 - Kaiser Reynardine I

Posted by Kaiser Loki III Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:18 am We Loki, Third of the name, do hereby abdicate the Mango Throne. Pusuiant to Imperial Decree 330, all give homage and loyaty to His Imperial Niftiness Kaiser Reynardine I.

Done, this Thorsday, the 17th of H'Graasreign ASC 3412.


Loki III, Kaiser of Shireroth "Shireroth sumus. Tempus in parte nostrum est."

The Awaited One, Bearer of the Sword

Traditional King of the Mala'anje

Prince of Hvalafell

Lord Protector of Yardistan

Vryheer of Maraguo