Imperial Decree 335

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Imperial Decree 335 – Yardistan Re: Lord Protector appointed

Posted by Kaiser Loki III Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:12 am Loki, Kaiser of Shireroth, being the Third of the Name, to Shireroth and Micronationry-at-Large, Greetings,

Whereas the Duke and Barons of Yardistan have lapsed into inactivity;

Whereas Yardistan is especially beloved of the Kaiser as his home Duchy;

Therefore, the Kaiser does hereby appoint the Imperator Rex Emeritus of Lac Glacei, being ranking active citizen of Yardistan, as Lord Protector of Yardistan, to serve with all of the Powers as though he were Duke, pending the return of the Duke, or the Kaiser's further good pleasure.

Done, this Fishday, being the 8th of H'Graasreign in the year 3403 ASC.


Loki III, Kaiser of Shireroth

"Shireroth sumus. Tempus in parte nostrum est."

The Awaited One, Bearer of the Sword

Traditional King of the Mala'anje

Prince of Hvalafell

Lord Protector of Yardistan

Vryheer of Maraguo