Imperial Decree 332

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Imperial Dectee 332 Re: Shireroth membership in Small commonwealth

Posted by Kaiser Loki III Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:10 am

Whereas the Praetor of the Landsraad is on sort of LOA, and to augment the obvious Will of the Landsraad, therefore, We, Loki, Kaiser of Shireroth, being the Third of the Name, do hereby declare the following to be Law, and confirming Shireroth's membership therein:

Treaty of General Membership to the Small Commonwealth

1. There is a commonwealth, called the Small Commonwealth, which shall consist of all signatory members of this Treaty. All member nations may send one representative to the Commonwealth Assembly.

2. Nations wishing to join the Commonwealth must be approved by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. With a simple majority (50%+1) the Commonwealth Assembly may reject this acceptance or accept a nation that has been rejected.

3. The day to day operations of the Commonwealth are headed and overseen by a chairman known as the Primate which shall be a permanent position once appointed by the Commonwealth Assembly. The Primate oversees the Commonwealth Assembly.

4. At any time the Commonwealth Assembly may hold a vote of no confidence and remove the current Primate. A simple majority (50%+1) is needed to remove a Primate and elect a new one. This vote is managed by the representative who proposed it.

5. Nations may leave at any time, but must give public notice of their intent to leave this treaty for it to be recognized. Upon leaving this treaty the departing nation is removed from all other treaties dependent upon this one.

6. This treaty may be amended by the Commonwealth Assembly with a 3/4ths (75.0%) majority.

Done, this Fishday, being the 8th of H'Graasreign 3403 ASC.


Loki III, Kaiser of Shireroth

"Shireroth sumus. Tempus in parte nostrum est."

The Awaited One, Bearer of the Sword

Traditional King of the Mala'anje

Prince of Hvalafell

Lord Protector of Yardistan

Vryheer of Maraguo