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Editor's Note: This article was written in 2004 or early 2005 for the MicroWiki and may be out of date.


Noun: Gotzborger, Gotzer Adjective: Gotzborg Population: 23 Religions: N/A Languages: English Government: Constitutional Monarchy URL:

Country Name

Conventional Long-Form: Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg Conventional Short-Form: Gotzborg Local Short-Form: Gotz Local Long-Form: Kingdom of Gotzborg Abbreviation: GBG / RKG

Administrative Divisions

Capital: Lonenberg 15 States: Archduchy of Reichlau, Grand Duchy of Kerinberg, Grand Duchy of Salm, Grand Duchy of Alhemia, Grand Duchy of Markham, Grand Duchy of Lonenberg, Duchy of Montin, Archduke of Aremberg, Grand Duchy of Lucerne, Duchy of Altamore, Duchy of Abrantes, Archduchy of Courland, Duchy of Montefeltro, Duchy of Stathearn, Royal Desmesne (Administrative Region, run by the King's Lord Steward) Two colonies: Royal Colony of Lusatia, Royal Colony of Ansbach


Independence: Joined to form the Kingdom on 24 July 1706. National Holiday: Unity Day - 24 July Constitution: 16 March 2004 - Known as the Reichlau Constitution Suffrage: Universal

Legal System

High Court of the Realm - one Justice Appointed by the King, one by the Chamber of Deputies. 159-Article Code of Criminal Law outlines basic laws and punishments.

Executive Branch

Head of State: His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II (since 14 August 1989); no Heir Apparent Head of Government: Royal Chancellor His Grace Sir Christopher Harris-Till, Count Montrose Elections: none; the monarchy is hereditary; the monarch chooses the Royal Chancellor Cabinet: Cabinet or Royal Ministers appointed by the monarch on the recommendation of the Royal Chancellor

Legislative Branch

Unicameral Chamber of Deputies (5 seats; elected by popular vote under a system of direct representation; members serve six-month terms (currently operating with all citizens as members)) Elections: not held to-date Election results: n/a Judicial branch: High Court of the Realm (one Lord Justice of the Crown, one Lord Justice of the People. Crown Justice appointed by the King, People Justice elected by the Chamber for a one-year term) Political parties and leaders: none Political pressure groups and leaders: none Intermicronational organization participation: Raspur Conference on Intermicronational Cooperation (RAMIC), Scheheradze Convention on Micronational War, Aremberg-Velsen Conference, Micro Exchange 2 (MX2)


Description: Three equal vertical bands of red (left), white, and gold with the Lesser Arms of the Kingdom placed upon the center white bar Flag Image:


Name: Gotzborg Thaler (GTh) Currency Conversion: 1 GTh = .75 USD

Intermicronational Disputes

Aug 2005: Tensions between the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and the Republic of Anthelia with respect to the issue of cross-border currency exchange between those two micronations heated up this month due to brazing comments by Anthelia's Central Bank director Mr. Mark Marks.