Duke of Goldshire

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Duke of Goldshire is a title in the peerage of Shireroth held by members of the House of Wythe.


The Duchy of Goldshire is one of the most ancient titles of the peerage of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. It's original creation dates to very few decades ASC.

The title has been created at least twelve times prior to its present creation. The dukedom's previous holders either died without issue or had their peerage revoked for rebellion or other criminal acts.

Early History

Johnathan Nelson Wythe immigrated to Shireroth in 4615 ASC. Almost immediately he proved himself and gained the favor of many influential noblemen. He was able to parlay this favor into himself obtaining a peerage. In 4622 ASC, he was ennobled as the Baron Holly, which included a significant fiefdom and an estate.

Baron Holly

Lord Holly, as he became known, participated extensively in the politics of his day and championed numerous causes both for the good of the public and his family's reputation. He founded The Holly Corporation which became immensely successful and today is still owned by the Wythe family. He also instituted a number of reforms within his fiefdom which served as models for other governments within the region.

Elevation to the Dukedom

After the abdication of Jacobus I of Goldshire in favor of Gilles I, a succession war broke out. Lord Holly felt that tax initiatives decreed by Gilles I were discriminatory and designed to seize the sizable profits of The Holly Corporation, a company which Gilles I had on multiple occasions unsuccessfully sought to acquire. After a prolonged rebellion, Gilles I abdicated without an heir. Kaiser Ayreon II elevated Lord Holly to the Dukedom of Goldshire in 4674 ASC, at which time he became known as Johnathan I, 1st Duke of Goldshire.

Dukes of Goldshire

Other titles: Marquess of Holly (4674), Earl of Wendor (4664), Viscount Wythe (4657), Baron Holly (4622)

Line of Succession

  1. Lord Montgomery Henry Wythe (b. 4683), younger brother of the 3rd Duke
  2. Lord Chester David Wythe (b. 4686), third son of the 2nd Duke
  3. Lord Charles Thomas Wythe (b. 4688), fourth son of the 2nd Duke
  4. Lord Christopher Octavius Wythe (b. 4689), fifth son of the 2nd Duke
  5. Lord Cormac Robert Wythe (b. 4690), sixth son of the 2nd Duke
  6. Lord William Alan Wythe (b. 4690), seventh son of the 2nd Duke
  7. Lord James Joseph Wythe (b. 4690), eighth son of the 2nd Duke
  8. Lord Rutherford Beets Wythe (b. 4693), ninth son of the 2nd Duke
  9. Lord George Adelbert Wythe (b. 4694), tenth son of the 2nd Duke
  10. Lord Finlay Colin Wythe (b. 4696), eleventh and youngest son of the 2nd Duke
  11. Lady Caroline Jane Wythe (b. 4687), eldest daughter of the 2nd Duke
  12. Lady Alison Penelope Wythe (b. 4691), second daughter of the 2nd Duke
  13. Lady Constance Elwynn Wythe (b. 4695), third daughter of the 2nd Duke
  14. Lady Isla Blair Wythe (b. 4697), fourth daughter of the 2nd Duke