Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe

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Benjamin I, 13th Duke of Goldshire, born 4651 ASC, is a Shirerothian nobleman.

General History

Benjamin I was born Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe in 4651 ASC at the Wythe family estate in Wendor. As the only child of Johnathan I, 12th Duke of Goldshire and Claire Loraine Wythe he was from birth the heir to his father's peerages.

As the only son and sole heir to his father's estate, he received a sizable inheritance including complete ownership of The Holly Corporation and other business ventures, as well as the family's estate in Wendor and other properties.

Succession to the Dukedom

Upon his father's death in 4689 ASC, Benjamin Wythe succeeded to the Duchy of Goldshire and all of its subsidiary titles.

Reign of Benjamin I

Benjamin I continued many of his father's reforms and began his reign by formally establishing the Goldshire House of Lords.


He married Elizabeth Margaret Daniels in 4680 ASC. They have four children.

  • Johnathan Nelson Wythe II, Marquess of Holly (born 4681)
  • Lord Montgomery Henry Wythe (born 4683)
  • Lord Chester David Wythe (born 4687)
  • Lady Caroline Jane Wythe (born 4689)

Styles From Birth

  • Earl of Wendor (4651 to 4674)
  • Marquess of Holly (4674 to 4689)
  • His Grace The Duke of Goldshire (4689 to present)