Imperial Decree 097

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Imperial Decree #97: Political Parties and Interest Groups

Issued By Kaiser Los II

Political parties are banned from Shireroth.

Political interest groups, or PIGs, will be tolerated for the present time, although the Landsraad has permission to ban them if it ever desires to do so. However, the following restrictions are placed upon PIGs to prevent them from becoming a full-fledged political party:

A PIG may not have a forum, either on Shireroth's boards or elsewhere. A PIG may not have foreigners as members or supporters, nor may it ally with any foreign organization. No minor may be part of a PIG in any way. No PIG may do any activities related to recruitment of new citizens into the nation, nor allow any of its members to recruit for the express purpose of getting people into the PIG. No PIG may charge membership dues. If any PIG becomes a threat to the well-being of Shireroth at any time, the Kaiser may dissolve it by decree, or the Landsraad by a simple majority vote. By my hand.

Los II.