To the Dutch: Preserver of Aracigrad

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To the Dutch: Preserver of Aracigrad

Post by Ari Rahikkala »

In this world, there are places that change. Cities are built; They prosper and grow, they might even become capitals of their localities, or they might become abandoned ruins, or be altogether forgotten. Countries come and go, their borders shifting with the years. Entire continents have been claimed by one nation, to be followed by another. Even the lands themselves have shifted, unearthing terra firma from beneath the waters on this strange planet. This is Micras, and there is change everywhere.

And then there's Aracigrad. A city that began its life, as far as anyone can remember, as a small marine city in the nation known as Shireroth, at the westernmost reaches of the Duchy of Kildare, on an island off the coast of Nova Dalmacija. We don't even remember how long ago it was founded, though a simple calculation based on the knowledge of when Tymaria failed pegs the age as easily over two thousand years ASC. That was then. And what is Aracigrad now? It is a small marine city in Shireroth, on the same island, in the same Kildare. Nova Dalmacija might have gotten renamed and split for a couple of years, but Aracigrad has always stayed the same.

Aracigrad has seen, and weathered, empires rise and fall. It bore witness to the foundation and the tearing apart of Menelmacar. Even as power structures crumbled around it, it survived the Oustfest. It saw the Seventh Republic of Audentior efficient itself to extinction. It hardly noticed as Lovely took the world by storm. Gralus was a mere eyeblink for Aracigrad. The entire story of Antica so far has played out in plain sight of Aracigrad, and it has not been affected. Babkha has joined Alternate Realities, blasted off from Micras for GSO (and come back again), given up its independence for the Grand Commonwealth; all as Aracigrad has sat there, impervious to change.

Aracigrad is not the only city that's survived for thousands of years. Shireroth has plenty of them - Shirekeep, Goldshire Hamlet, Musica, Nigrad, Novi Nigrad, Thule and Vanaheim were all on the same ancient maps. However, Aracigrad and Vanaheim are the only ones that have never grown into a large city, or become marked as a capital of any kind. The same pixels have marked Aracigrad continuously, on every map, since its foundation. Even Vanaheim was once surrounded by the colours of Hyperborea - Aracigrad has always been a part of the same Shireroth, marked with the same colours. Out of hundreds now on the map, it is the only city that has achieved this.

I put this request to the Dutch of Kildare: Please take up with pride, among the many other duties you are fulfilling in your role, the task of preserving Aracigrad: To never allow it to be moved, renamed, conquered, abandoned, ruined, or forgotten; To fight any attempt to cause it to become something other than a city in an independent Shireroth; To maintain its population below such a level that it would be marked as a large city; To never confer upon it administrative offices for any level of government except localities too small to be marked as capitals; And to allow the next Dutch - or other similar leader - of Kildare to take this same pledge, if he or she so wishes, and to be awarded the same title I will award you if you take the pledge.

I do not make this request neither as a Duke, or a ministerial agent of the Kaiser, or even as a private citizen. I do it as a Knight of the Sunburst, one of the few still left. It is true that my membership in the order does not confer to me any special rights. However, I do still have a connection to the memories of the time of Aracigrad's foundation. That is why I believe it is within my rights to bestow to you, if you wish to pledge yourself to the task I outlined, the title of Preserver of Aracigrad. Wear it as you like. There might not be as much work and responsibility in it as in being the Praetor, or as much magnificence as in being the Dutch - but there is trust in it, and there is honor in being the one responsible for the continued unchanging existence of the one city that has uniquely managed it so far.

What say you?

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Re: To the Dutch: Preserver of Aracigrad

Post by Jonas »

What say you?

Err. :shifty

Yes, I agree. Because you asked it so friendly. :thumbsup

I will write a decree or something to arrange this... if I can preserve history and culture, then you find in me the right guy to help.
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Re: To the Dutch: Preserver of Aracigrad

Post by Andreas the Wise »

A wise and noble proposition, good sir Knight. We will accept this quest.
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And references may be made to Vur'Alm Xei'Bôn (a Nelagan Micron of undisclosed purpose).

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