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Bank update jul 9

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Last Update:

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0.7.1 Fixed db to no longer need the Ari made function subdivision_name()
			in util.php. countrysumary.php updated to know this.  
0.7.2 Adjusted the database table for accounts so that companiy accounts can
			keep track of who owns them. updating accordingly. Changes will allow for
			the owning of multiple companies by one account. Updating getter and 
			setter in dblib.php. Also a formatting fix on the menu. 
0.7.3	Created htmllib.php to put html creation functions. Much is currently in 
			util.php and need to be moved. Changed how the user control panel is made.
			Made a function to generate buttons to take the user to their pages. 
			Trying to find a better way to do it. Javascript is an option. nope.
			CSS? Bah. More resaerch needed. link_button() will have to be for now. 
			Got button_link_java() to work! Menu changed to use it for user controls. 
0.7.4 Fixes here and there in HTML. Added to the createaccount.php file to allow
			for creating company accounts. Though this won't do much at this time.
			Change iscompany in the db to 'type'. Gotta make the needed mods. updated
			config file. No pages make use of this new functionality. Should users be
			able to change their account type at will, or leave it to admins?
			Need to fix login.php to use the users style when they login. Refresh the
			page somehow? Fixed it. Now to do it for logout.php. Done. 

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