One popular Fiesta de la BOOM celebration involves burning the coastal city of Musica to the ground.



After Ikolstyme has people falling asleep, La Fiesta de la BO0O0O/\/\ not only wakes them up, but, in at least six recorded incidents last year, downright gives them massive heart attacks. But Biternionsmoon isn't all about BO0O0O/\/\ism's most sacred festival - it's also about coincidence and numerical improbability. For example, this is the FIFTH Bitsmoon since the founding of Shireroth, and there are FIVE sides on the Great Pyramid (counting the bottom). Coincidence? Biternion thinks not. Another of Bitsmoon's suspicious coincidences is that Shireroth became independent from foreign powers twice on the same day - Bitsmoon 8th.