Brookshire Hamlet stands serenely secure that H'Graa cannot harm it behind its high walls. Little do they know Santa comes from above!



Be afraid. Be very afraid. The God of Wrath rules over this month, and he's determined not to let you get to the next year, despite being ever so close. If you can make it to the twenty-eighth, the next day will not be the first of Vivantiana but rather the Day of the Dead, when all laws are ignored, all bets are off, and anything is possible. The Day of the Dead also marks the foundation of modern Shireroth - the Landsraad, the Kaisership, and the Duchies of Brookshire and Goldshire were all created during the short gap between H'graasreign and Vivantiana. AAAAH! H'GRAA! HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!...made you look...WAIT! HE REALLY IS BEHIND YOU!...made you look again.