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As at 2019-08-24 22:40:32, the market levels are as follows:
The ASTEX is unchanged at 780 points.
The FIEX is 1 point, to 1335 points.
The HAM is 3 points, to 372 points.
The MCSX is unchanged at 274 points.
The NBB is 1 point, to 585 points.
The NSX is 2 points, to 292 points.
The VYK is 6 points, to 106 points.

The current exchange rate in (exchanging SCUE Currency for credits) is:
1 unit of SCUE Currency = 100 Credits.
The current exchange rate out (exchanging credits for SCUE Currency) is:
165.92 Credits = 1 unit of SCUE Currency .

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The Exchanges

Almost certainly the first stock exchange in the sector, the Apolyton Stock Exchange was the mightiest centre of financial trading during the golden years of the Apollo Era. The original building mouldered for millenia under the Apollo Foundation; but was restored when Kildare reclaimed the province of Audentior. Once again a thriving business centre, the ASTEX now handles all the famous Shirithian companies.
Once managing transactions in the ancient Flying Islands of Jasonia, the Flying Islands Exchange was resurrected by the Department of Greed after the purchase of JASO. Though the original building was long gone, a new one was established on a special flying building above Nova Kajar. On it trade some of the finest and most imaginative (if least profitable) companies on Micras.
The official stock exchange of the Kingdom of Hamland
The international stock exchange for Micras, on which all nations without a top tier stock exchange have their companies trade. Investors interested in global finances, up and coming nations or a safe destination for investment, free from the ups and downs of an individual nation's GDP, are well advised to invest here.
The Nationale Bataafse Beurs (National Batavian Stock Exchange) was created back in the early days of the Second Kingdom of Batavia. It quickly became a success. However, the success didn't last long, as the stock exchange wasn't updated enough to keep it work decently. Nowadays, it's hosting the most important companies of Batavia and the Dutch Sector. It's located in the "Beursgebouw" (Exchange Building), in the Lingekwartier, in 's Koningenwaarde.
The Novatainian Stock Exchange was founded in the glory days of Novatainia's post-based economy, and enjoyed a thriving time of resource based trade. But as the MOTED trading system began to fail, so too did the companies based upon it, and the NSX was sadly retired, and became nothing more than a museum for economic history. Revived by VBNC, the NSX once again trades all the most prominent resource companies in Gralus; many of whom trade in MITO across the known world.
The official stock exchange of Vyktory.

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